Medicine III

Societal and peer pressure influence us gradually and invisibly today. People always consider which word or sentence is most appropriate for our posts; we always photoshop the images in order to gain more likes; some of us even purchase likes for our posts and fake followers for the purpose of becoming a “popular” person on the internet.

The inspiration of “Tap Tap”, “Tap Tap Pillbox” and “Follower Pill” comes from the symbols for Instagram likes, comments, and followers. The pieces are commenting on this current phenomenon in the form of medicine.


In this format, the pills will provide relief through more likes, comments, and followers to fulfill satisfaction.

It is a container for "Tap Tap" Earrings. Symbols of likes and comments indicate which side/sector will the "like pills" and "comment pills" be located. The uses of magnets creates mechanisms and offers interactions with wears. Rotating the lid of a pillbox will provide "Tap Tap"pill earrings with different number for wearers to choose and wear.

Tap Tap Pillbox

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