"The Value of Women Declines Progressively After Age 25". This is a universal phenomenon that happens in China and also in other countries. People care more about women's age than men's especially when they are applying for a job and starting a new relationship or getting married. The brooch is designed into a product label because women in China sometimes are just viewed as the products.

"Expired-2022" is addressing this fact and double standards ironically by using artist's birthday number as the name and stating that she will be expired on May 13th, 2020, the first day she is turning into 26 years old. "中國製造" is printed in traditional Chinese, the language is no longer used in Mainland China due to its complexity. The reason why she uses Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese is that artist wants to convey the double standards towards the age in mainland China should also be abandoned.

Utilizing magnetic pin back helps wearer to position the “Expired-2022” brooch in any direction.

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