“Declined” brooch reflects the main idea of WHOOSIS in a financial perspective. Whether people are financially comfortable or not, it is common that purchasing luxury items to “show off” in order to gain acceptance from others. The money people have in their bank account (in form of credit card) not only reflects their social status, but also is a reflection of individual’s value that is forced upon them by societal expectation and pressure. 


The silver chip and black credit card highlight one's social status and values that he/ she wants others to see and to know. However, the word "DECLINED" at back of the brooch reveals the reality. When people flip it over to see the back side of the brooch, "DECLINED" is hidden here, which underlines the differences between what a person is willing to show to the public and what he/she wants to conceal. 


This piece also offers wears with different credit cards. People can change and set different expired plastic credit card on top of the silver part by drilling five holes. The handmade silver screws and nuts at four corners are helping wearers tighten the credit card up.

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